Our Product- Helper Kitchen /Learning tower- Folding ENG

What is different in our product?

First of all we can easily fold it and hide or place it against to the wall to not disturb.

Material: Helper is made of solid spruce or pine wood.
Thanks to the hinges, only minimum effort is enough to fold it.

As what we can describe it?
First of all is safe and stable!

In the end it is made to serve the youngest!
All the edges are rounded to avoid scratching.

It has a step mounted at a height allowing to larger children to enter.  We are also the parents of cute babe so we know  that we put ehh little body  inside by ourselves anyway, so we gave up an additional levels. 

The only platform is adjustable.
It can be mounted on 3 different levels.

The platform is removed, it blocks he helper to make it stable. 

Wide protections are mounted at the bottom of the helper. In additional, lateral protections are added, which are also hinged to fold and them as needed.



  Dimensions of the unfolded furniture are:  
             Height: 86,5cm

             Width: 36cm

             Length: 40cm

There is any problem to matching the dimensions to your needs at the same proce. 

Not all counteriops are at the same height. Or it will be used, e.g. at the table?
Please let us know.

Or maybe two kids will use it at the same time? In this case we will make a furniture to order in a larger size. The size and dimensions we will determined together. 

Maximum load it 60kg.

          Folded it only takes 12 cm of wide.

We can hide it behind wardrobe for example. 

The Helper is produced in a natural color. We can protecting the furniture by linseed oil for free.

On pictures- raw wood.

Delivery time and shipping.
The waiting time until the shipment is a maximum of 7-10 business days.
We can sent it in any place.
Price of Kitchen Helper is 70€
Painted Kitchen Helper is 80€ and plus 3 days of waiting.
Delivery price is depend of courier and place to delivery. But it is around 25-35

We are sending in cardboard boxes protected from the inside by bubble wrap. When You pick up the package You don't need to have any screwdriver or drill.
The Helper shipped twisted, ready to use.

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